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September 14, 2006



Oh Teri, Ouch, Ouch... I have empathy for your poor bruised self. I had an accident like that when I was 17 and glad I wearing a seat belt too as it also save my life but really left me terribly bruised and broke my collar bone.

Hey I love all your socks! Great colors.
The pink and green ones are super cool!!!!


How to Clean and Care for your Pandora beads and Bracelet
Let's facepandora beadsand bracelets
you are wearing your bracelet to be noticed, so you need to keep it clean and sparkling ready for any close scrutiny.
Cleaning Your Pandora
There are two finishes to the beads and charms on these bracelets - solid silver or silverplate which can be bright silver or oxidized silver.All silver will oxidize over time.(Some prefer the muted look and highlighted detail and buy them already oxidized). Standard liquid or paste silver polishes can be abrasive and will remove much of the oxidized detail and for silverplate charms it could even remove the plating.So it is a definite NO, NO!
The safest and cheapest way to clean is to dismantle the bracelet and soak all parts in warm water with dish washing detergent added.Use a soft toothbrush or an old mascara wand to give extra dirty crevices and core holes a light scrub. Rinse in cold water and dry with a soft cloth. A buff with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth will add that extra sparkle. Clean your bracelet where you are not going to damage beads by dropping them on a tiled floor or where they may roll down the plug hole.It will happen!
Removing Oxidation
Line a small china bowl or cup with aluminium foil.
Add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of water softening powder (or baking soda).
4. Then add some hot (but not boiling) water.
5. Stir to dissolve the powders.
6. Dunk your silver items in the solution. It usually takes only a few minutes for the silver to brighten up.
However, if an item is very tarnished this cleaning method will not make your jewellery perfectly clean and looking like new.Additional polishing may still be needed.
This is how it works.Silver sulphide is what makes your silver look greyish over time.This process is called oxidation.When immersed in the baking soda/salt solution, the aluminium reacts with the sulphide pulling the sulphur atoms and "plating" them onto the aluminium as aluminium sulphide.The silver that remains from the reaction is redeposited onto the silver.
Caring For Your Pandora
Bracelets, beads and charms are relatively quite strong, but like most things, if you abuse them they may be damaged.It is not recommended to wear them swimming, showering, playing sports, gardening or cleaning the house.Chemical and physical damage (such as loosening of the glue holding any gemstones) can occur to your precious jewellery during these activities.
When not wearing your bracelets it is a good idea to wrap them individually in a soft cloth to minimise sctaching and scuffing.
After caring, pandora beads and bracelets are more fashionable and better to wear.

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