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November 12, 2006



Beautiful dyeing and knitting! Your socks are so pretty - I bought some of the Knitpicks bare fingering superwash and got a dye kit from "Hello Yarn", but haven't tried it yet....sometime soon.


I've knit with Knit Picks Bare. It took the color very well (easter egg). Haven't washed either the socks or the hat I made with it. I'm a bit dissapointed with my Koigu socks. They pill and felt very easily, but I guess that's with all the 100% wool or merino wool, which are not superwash. Anyway, I wanted to say about pooling. Normaly I like it too, it's always interesting to see how it will turn out. But my last pair is for my sister, she's somewhat conservative, and I'm not sure she'll like them. We'll see. As I said on my blog, the Pansy's grew on me, after I saw the pictures! ;o)
You've made nice socks. I hope your niece will like hers!


Those are beautiful!
& I have no idea where the last month went & It seems this month is flying by as well!! AYE!


there you are! i was wondering how you were doing. you've been productive! my personal taste isn't so bright (you wouldn't think so based on my yarn choices), and i would overdye the socks. actually, i would only do that just to see what happens. hehe. but the socks are great! very nice. i like it. you're pretty good at that dyeing thing. adventurous. me? not so much. for some reason, i want EXACTLY what i see in my head and all my dyeing endeavors have not turned out that way. i'm perfectly satisfied with knitting what other people have dyed - your yarn in particular. it's just soooo...i can hardly describe it. the colors are so rich. i can't tell you how much i love it, so i'll just keep telling you. quantity over quality. hehe. have a great week!


Love the socks! I've been wanting to try the Knit Picks dye, but haven't gotten around to ordering any yet, and I was also thinking about purple and pink! Purple is my favourite colour, so naturally I need some purple socks, eh.

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